Deep Calleth unto Deep

This is a time when many are reporting the occurrence of supernatural events in their lives.  Some report that they  have taken trips to heaven, others have had lengthy open visions in great detail.  Others have had angelic visitations with specific instructions.  Some of it, I've questioned, and some of it, I've had a great witness in my spirit.  What happened to me was so simple, I almost feel a bit hesitant to share.  Nevertheless, it happened, and it was very comforting.

On Thursday night at around 9:30 p.m., I got extremely tired, and went to bed rather early for myself.  It was hard to even keep my eyes open.  My son came into the bedroom wanting to pray for me, and I let him do it, but wondered at it as I had not made any requests for prayer.  He prayed a general prayer for my health, and strength and healing from typical "middle-age conditions".  It was short and sweet, and he left the room.  I was so tired, it was hard to even focus on the prayer, but I was appreciative, as I  was sure he had been led by the Spirit.

I went to sleep immediately, and then woke up shortly after midnight, restless and uncomfortable, and so went down to the living room to try to sleep there on the sofa.  Put a sheet on it, got a pillow, made myself comfortable and then dozed off.  Because I was so tired, I had not finished cleaning the kitchen, and had not put a pot of coffee on for the morning.  So, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. planning to do those things in the morning.  In no time, I again dozed off to sleep.

I heard someone in the room, and moved a bit, and saw what I thought was the light of Vinny's cell phone.  When I glanced up sleepily, I could not make out his features, but rather saw the light all around him, and just took it for granted he had not turned on a light to keep from disturbing me, and just chose to use his phone light.  Then he covered my feet, and stood over me, as I felt him looking at me, like he was checking on me.  Then he rubbed my shoulder and back, and pulled the covers up over my shoulder as the ac was blowing on me, and the room had gotten quite cool.  I realized it must be close to time for him to get up, and not seeing me in bed, he came down to find me.  He left the room in the direction of the staircase , and I stayed there for a few minutes, then got up to  get the coffee started, finish cleaning the kitchen, make him lunch for work.

But all was still, and I checked the clock, and it was not anywhere near 5 a.m.but rather shortly before 3 a.m.  I thought this was very unusual, as Vinny sleeps soundly all through the night.  I went  upstairs and he was in bed, undisturbed.  I waited until the morning light  to ask him if he had come down in the night , covering my feet, rubbing my back and shoulder, pulling the cover up over my shoulder.  No, he hadn't.  I realized then that it had been an angel.  What I thought was the light of a cell phone was the light of an angelic presence. 

I have two sons at home, and just to be sure, I asked them if either of them had done as the angel did, and though both of them are very capable and affectionate enough toward me to behave in such a way, it was neither of them. 

Vinny found my response very strange because I am a very light sleeper, and usually if someone comes in a room where I am sleeping, I will immediately be wide awake to find out what they want.  But this time I didn't do that, and just sort of dozed while the angel stood over me.  I'm embarrassed that I thought the light was the brightness of a cell phone light, but as the scene comes back to my memory, I am very aware that their was a soft  bluish glow to this light which was unusual.  I was also very aware of the fact that great peace enveloped me, and I even felt a joy in my rest and the sweetness of the moment.

As the angel left the room, into my spirit came one very simple sentence that I will share at the end of this article.  The words were in the air as he went into the hallway, and up the stairs and I will share it as the end of this article.  (And this I was associating with Vinny, but now I know differently.)

I stayed awake, listened to some worship music, wept much, and reflected on what had happened, and asked WHY...Why would something like this happen, and there was no "Fear not"... And there was no profound verbal instruction.  There was no prophetic word, or vision along with it except for one simple little sentence.  It was a bit lack-luster compared to some grandiose visitations I've heard about, but nevertheless, I knew an angel had come in the night, and I was not disappointed, not in the least.  

 Since there was no tangible exchange between myself and this angelic being other than his gentle touch, and a very simple sentence,  I sought to take inventory of what had happened within, in the realm of the spirit,  to find what I knew now that I did not know before.

 I became cognizant of the fact that  I had an impartation of both faith and knowledge on some personal matters and  spiritual matters that had been distressing me, and that was why the comforting touch.  One related to my role as a mother in deep concern about a particular need, and the other a prophetic  matter of present times and a need to be brought into some understanding  where I was in much groaning within my spirit for a revelation of truth.  

Neither are matters on which I will share, but This I a time when people are always seeking for a word from God, there is a place in His presence where answers come.  Suddenly, you just "know". 

Shouldn't the One who is Omniscient be able to impart knowledge just by His Presence?

For the matter that troubled me deeply in my role as a mother, faith came.
That is all I will say on that.    

And here is the simple sentence the angel left in the air, that came into my spirit as he left the room:

"When brokenness touches brokenness, that is deep calling unto deep."

Brokenness is not a mystical condition for people who want to appear  very pious or righteous. Neither can you  break yourself in order to effect a certain air of spirituality.   It is a very genuine condition of the human spirit  only known by those who have walked, sometimes limped,  along in life in it's reality, and God chooses the circumstances in which the condition of brokenness will become the warp and woof of one's inner man.  Usually circumstances we would never choose if we were writing the script of our lives without interference. 

And some things are left for the reflection of the reader without muddying the waters with an overabundance of words or explanations. 

Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name I thank you for sending an angel to minister to me when I deeply needed a touch from You.   Amen and amen,  In Jesus Name, Amen. 

Always in the Love of Jesus,

Clo D