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The Foursquare Gospel

There is a denomination with Pentecostal roots started by the Holy Ghost through His vessel,  Sister Aimee Semple McPherson called the Foursquare Organization.  If you have not heard of this dear woman , google her name, and read her story.  She was a mighty woman of God.   (My own Pentecostal heritage  springs more from the Assembly of God organization, and even more specifically through the influence of my mother, and some others closely related to our family who were mentored by the faculty of Zion Bible Institute when it was still under the original founders, Sister Christine Gibson, and Dr. Leonard Heroo.  I love giving honor these servants of the Lord.) 
Out of her ministry came forth the organization called "Foursquare".    You may have heard of Jack Hayford, a man of God beloved, and highly respected throughout the body of Christ.    For many years he was the President of this denomination.   They have grown into more of a Charismatic organization, but from appearance…

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