A Fresh Wind of the Spirit is Bringing Divine Order

Dearest Friends in Jesus:

Today I receive a confirmation of a prophecy given a couple of years ago.   The rhema word of the Lord came to pass, and as I read the testimony I realize this truth:  God delights to speak to His people words of edification, comfort, and exhortation as well as to reveal what He will do in the future through His Servants, the prophets.   

I am convinced that the gift of prophecy has been given to the body of Christ because the Lord wants His people walking in faith and encouragement.  Have you ever noticed when you get a prophecy often times it seems the very opposite is happening in your life, and life gets harder than ever?   The Lord brings you to the place where you have nothing to stand on but the word of the Lord.  When it finally DOES come to pass, and you look back over the pathway you've been walking, not only do you see the faithfulness of God to sustain you through the dark times, you realize that the trial of your faith has truly been more precious than gold!!!  (See 1 Peter 1:7)

But, the most glorious thing of all is that after you've stood the test, been faithful in prayer,  been submitted to all the processes that have come to bear on your soul, you realize you have a greater substance of FAITH IN GOD to impart to the next person who is only beginning the journey that you've already walked, and you  can sing to them, "Oh how sweet to walk in the Pilgrim Way, leaning on the Everlasting Arms...Oh how bright the path grows from Day to Day, leaning on the Everlasting Arms!"  You know that you know that you know!!!

Regarding the particular word that came to my attention today, I was blessed by it because I felt within it the seed of yet another word of the Lord that needs to go forth.  The sister who originally received this word believed God until she saw it come to pass!!  And now, I wish to encourage others who are in need of hearing from God on this order, and in Jesus Name,  I am yielding to the prophetic unction to do so:

There are many women who love the Lord, and have hearts sold out to Him.  In the simplicity of your life, you're not feeling like your life amounts to much at all, and you are so locked into the confines of your responsibilities, anything beyond what you are now experiencing seems like only a fleeting fantasy.  Don't cast away your hope in God, and don't allow your faith to be diluted by continually magnifying the circumstances!!

 Take your vision higher, and begin to see by the eye of the Spirit that the very circumstances you are in, even the monotony  of household responsibilities and workplace commitments are the very things God is using to prove you, and to springboard you into His purposes in a greater way!   Faithfulness in the small things, faithfulness to the natural things is God's school of the Spirit to train you for greater things to come.  Don't call it useless, and don't call it pointless, and don't call it futility!!!  Call it God's Training Program, (with a capital T and a capital P) in your life!!!

And there are those women who would say within the secret place of the heart, I can never fulfill the call of God on my life because my husband will never understand.  He will never truly release me to serve the Lord in the measure I desire.  Oh, my precious daughters, hear the Word of the Lord.  A wind of my Spirit is blowing across the land.  A wind of  My Spirit is moving across the land to stir up men to seek the face of God, to become the priests in their homes, to honor Me with the first-fruits of their substance, and to even commission the members of their households to honor Me, seek Me and to serve Me as never before!!!  

Even  as the hour gets darker and gloomier across the land to those who know not the Lord, those who do not esteem His worthiness to be worshipped, praised, feared and honored as God, you will see upon your men, your husbands, and your sons the drawing power of My Spirit as you have never seen it, and  it's going to radically change  the dynamics in your household for spiritual life and for faith in God!!!

No longer will you pine and sigh, and wish that you were better understood.  The tables are being turned.  You are going to have to pray more fervently, and study My Word more diligently , and press into the things of My Spirit as never before in order to keep up with what I'm getting ready to do through men across this country.  Not superstars.  Not big names.  Not men who have built monuments unto themselves.  Rather those men YOU know...the men in your local church, in your work environment, in your neighborhood, in your family, and most of all...that man who sleeps next to you in bed at night.  

The wind of My Spirit is coming to stir men and shake men whom I have seen as noble and faithful and righteous by My standards.  I don't see as man sees, and I don't judge as man judges.  What is highly esteemed by men is very lightly esteemed by Me.

  But the wind of My Spirit is coming to those men who have gotten up out of the repose of sleep  day after day to go to jobs where they have been even at times held in disdain, and yet they were faithful for the sake of their families, and I have taken note.  I have seen it.

  The wind of My Spirit is coming to those men who have had to get out of bed and put their feet on the floor in the wee hours of the morning when their bodies were wracked with tiredness and at times physical pain  beyond description, and I have taken note, and I have seen it. 

 The wind of My Spirit is coming to those men who have gone into the battle of life with scars upon their hearts from abuse that they have hidden so as not to burden members of their families, and I have taken note, and I have seen it. 

 The wind of My Spirit is coming to men who have been overlooked, cheated out of position, forgotten of others, overworked, and underpaid...I have taken note, and I have seen it all.  

I have seen the cry in the midnight hour when the hearts of these men have been toward Me, and I am answering with a wind of My Spirit, and I am stirring up these men to take their places in the Army of the Lord, and they are going to set their houses in order and some who seemed so limp and fruitless and powerless in the things of God are coming forth and going forth in the power of the Spirit, and WOE to the kingdom of darkness when this wind of My Spirit is fully released in the Land!!!  

 It will not only mean a smattering of ministry and evidence of the power of God here and there, but it will cause an avalanche of My Glory  when WHOLE HOUSEHOLDS are released to be lifted up as My ensign upon the Land because of the hearts of men stirred by the fresh wind of My Spirit.  

OH woman of God, listen to Me!!!  The thing that you have longed  to do to serve Me, the places you've wanted to go to preach My gospel, the people you've wanted to bring into your home that you might minister to them through the comfort of hospitality and personal times of fellowship and prayer is going to become so easy to accomplish because not only will your husbands be willing to release you, they will even now COMMISSION you by the Spirit of the Lord, and send you out with their blessing and the covering of their prayers, and the usurpers of true spiritual authority are going to be exposed as true spiritual covering comes to the household of faith because of the wind of My Spirit that I am sending to turn the hearts of men across the land unto Me as never before. 

CRY OUT to God for this wind of My Spirit to blow upon the Land.  It is time for men of God who have been hidden in the secret places of preparation through the grinding salt mines of life to COME FORTH and march with the Conqueror's Tread over the serpents and scorpions and works of darkness infesting, and even swallowing up the Land. 

  Don't say it's too late!!! Don't say there will be no move of God. Don't say the Lord has fully lost His patience!  Don't say there will be no restoration, or no revival.  Don't declare that God's mercy has failed!!!!  Rather understand the pattern of the Lord!!!  When households are in divine order, there is nothing that can hinder the flow of God's goodness and righteousness throughout the land!!! 

  Cry out until you see it as reality in YOUR home!!! Cry out for the wind of My Spirit to blow upon your husbands and your sons, and NOTHING will be held back from you in the release of the gifts, and callings and blessings of God!!!  Divine order. Divine order.  Divine Order. THIS is MY will, and THIS is my delight, and THIS shall cause it to be well with YOU, and ALL THAT ARE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD!!!

Thus saith the Lord!

  In JESUS NAME, let it be so, Amen and AMEN!

Ephesians 5:22-33.  

Amen and AMEN