Speaking a Word in Season

The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned.  
Isaiah 50:4.

First of all, THANK YOU JESUS, for helping me to get an early start to my day today.  Some mornings the old bones just don't want to creak and rattle their way to mobilization, and it's just easier to linger in bed, but God gave me grace.  Had such a busy day yesterday between general household responsibilities and working on website, and creating this new blog, and got to bed very late last night.  The "household responsibilities" took a bit of a backseat to working on the website, and so I was pressed all night long in my thoughts about what I must do today to keep the ship running smooth around here!    I've got a painting task before me today, but after some time in prayer and the Word, I realize the Lord didn't help me to get out of bed early because I need to catch up on laundry, do general housework, and paint a room.    He got me out of bed early because He wanted me in tune with what the Spirit is speaking for today that I might be a blessing to someone!

As I was in my devotions this morning I had the Lord ask me a very pointed question.  I am sure He asked it because yesterday I spent zillions of hours going through some uploaded articles,   and trying to get things more in order on my website, including some real frustrating moments with my blog on the website.  At times I would come across a phrase that would just bless my socks off, and I knew it had to be a "God thing" because I certainly would not be able to come up with such stuff all by myself.
So, I did go to bed feeling both very exhausted as well as with a sense of satisfaction that the website  is almost to the place where I feel it can be released without having to deal with too many "issues" from negative feedback I might receive about it.  But, I confess I was feeling mighty proud of some of those "cerebral spiritual moments" where the light of revelation and general illumination were making me feel pretty "gosh durn good" about the website.  And, THEN this morning, here is the question the Lord posed to me: 

 Would you rather be very clever in wisdom and knowledge of My Word and have great understanding about spiritual things or would you rather have a "word in season for him that is weary". 

Well, it didn't take me two seconds to answer Him!  Of course, I want to have that "word in season". 

We are in a time where knowledge is increased, and there is no end of great spiritual ideas and philosophy and lofty thoughts and deeper understanding of spiritual things.  We're so saturated with it, we're almost drowning in it, and the little phrase about not being able to "see the forest for the trees" probably really fits as a commentary on our times.  Does that mean we want to "do away with the forest" in order that we might behold a tree?  NO, not at all!!! 

 What it means is that we need to learn how to step back from all we are hearing and reading and seeing, and discern those little nuggets of truth that have the "God breath" on them that we might use to minister to someone in need of a true word from  God.   Stay in the Word, and in the reading, and in the attitude of seeking greater understanding!  Why?   Because God cannot bring to your remembrance that which was not first committed to your memory.  You are responsible for building up your "memory bank".  God can always take a "logos" and convert it to "rhema".  Let Him do it!!  

When I think about God's servant, Job, and how he was bombarded with all sorts of great ideas and wisdom about his situation by way of the wisdom of his three "comforters", I am impressed that in his misery and sorrow, he was dealing with exactly what many are dealing with today.  Reams and reams of information, spiritual information, a lot of  it very good especially if you can live up to all of it, but then right in the middle of all of it is not just spiritual wisdom and knowledge, but THUS SAITH THE LORD!!!  If we should learn anything from the book of Job, it's NOT the fact that everything the Comforters said was WRONG because a lot of it was common sense wisdom.  Rather, it's the fact that it was not truly a "word in season" for the wearied Job.  When you read the book of Job, pray that God imparts an ability to you to "sort it all out" when you come to such situations in your own personal life when people come armed with good advice.  What is truly the word of the Lord for you?

Now, what do I feel  is the "word in season" the Lord is speaking to those who are weary this morning?   I can't say this will "fit" everyone who reads this blog, but I am sure it will minister to some:    

  The desert season in your life may not be over yet, and His work is not complete in this time of testing and proving, but  there  is an oasis in your desert, and God will bring you to it.  You're going to drink deeply, and find the refreshing you need, and the strength you need to go on. The lessons  of the desert, and of the wilderness may be to rid you of fluff and things not necessary, and to teach you to lean on the Lord, but He is not going to starve you in the process.  He will spread a table in your wilderness, and there will be streams in your desert.  Your hunger and thirst has come up as a prayer unto God, and there is an oasis God has prepared just for you!   Be alert, lift up your eyes, and look ahead, and don't miss your oasis.  For some it's coming in the form of a time of sweet and simple fellowship with another saint of God.  For others it's coming in the form of a conference you attend, and for others it's coming by obeying the still small voice of God to attend a local church.  After the event happens, you will know you had an oasis experience, and will be able to testify of it!  And let the true word of the Lord have free course!!  In Jesus Name!!!

 Father in Jesus Name, I ask you to lead your people who are in the wilderness experience of their lives to springs of LIVING water where they can be renewed and refreshed.  In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

Always Your Sister in Jesus,

Clo DiPilato